It's AlwaysOn!

AlwaysOn is the new Wide Area WiFi Hotspot solution close to you in Koforidua - just the type you can afford.

Speed & Security

With focus on speed and security, AlwaysOn keeps your WiFi Internet, well, 'Always On'. Keep enjoying the web without interruptions.

Wide Coverage

AlwaysOn WiFi strives to cover large neighborhoods, a way to get you connected on all your devices, all the time seamlessly.

Right Prices for All

AlwaysOn WiFi Data Bundles are rigged at just the right prices to beat your current data bundles, yet easy on your pocket.

Welcome to AlwaysOn

Stay connected via WiFi, that stays 'Always On'.

It is time to change the way you access the Internet. Convert your AirTime to Data now, and get fast Internet access over a wide coverage area.

Near You*

Enjoy WiFi Internet access from AlwaysOn, just where you are.

AlwaysOn WiFi is constantly looking for opportunities to expand. We will be happy to bring AlwaysOn closer to you. Just get in touch.

At M-mm-uah! Prices

Prices that beats everything you know, in WiFi.

Starting at 1 Cedis for 100 Mb, AlwaysOn WiFi are priced just the way you want. Are you an Internet heavy user? Want a package for watching videos? AlwaysOn WiFi matches all the prices you can think of for your all-round needs.

Bundles & Prices

Bundle Name Duration (Days) Data Cap (Gig) Price (Cedis)
Mini Lite 3 0.1 (100 Mb) 1
Mini Heavy 3 0.3 (300 Mb) 2
Monthly Lite 30 1 5
Monthly Heavy 30 3 10
Monthly Xtreme 30 10 30
Custom Monthly Bundle Contact Alwayson +233.26.920.1707 or

Where to Buy?

Buy your AlwaysOn WiFi bundle at Ben Yehowah Shop near the Densuano Clinic, or find the a reseller close to you. Contact us today


Resellers earn a percentage on each voucher sold. Want to be an AlwaysOn WiFi Internet Bundler Voucher reseller? Contact us.